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This website is dedicated to the history as well as the technical evolution of the Model 1911a1 Colt .45 service pistol.

About the Model1911a1

Just like with other weapons, it’s gone through many revisions. After all, markets change. As combat conditions change, this leads to many demands for modifications for weapons.

The Colt .45 is no stranger to this .While this weapon has definitely delivered a tremendous amount of firepower throughout the years, it withstood quite a bit of modifications for obvious reasons. As we mentioned in the home page of this website, the Colt .45 had its origins in the south of the Philippines.

It was originally designed to stop rampaging Tausug warriors from inflicting maximum damage on well-armed American soldiers. Americans found out in the worst way possible that it only took one rampaging, suicidal Tausug warrior for a handful of Americans to lose limbs and possibly their heads.

Tausugs were well-known throughout the Philippine archipelago for being fierce warriors. In fact, they were so fierce that they would fight to the very last drop of blood. They would tie strips of cloth to their limbs so that when they get shot, the blood stayed there. Even if they got shot in the torso, there would be enough blood in the rest of their body for them to keep charging and keep swinging their bolo to hopefully decapitate an opponent. That’s the kind of raw ferocity, courage and strength the Americans were up against.

Well, the Colt .45 finally presented a match to the courage and raw power of Tausug warriors. Only one shot from a Colt .45 was enough to blast a hole in even the strongest and fiercest Tausug warrior. It is no surprise that in the span of only a couple of years, all of the Philippines was finally subjugated. The old imperial Spanish colonial dream of a completely subjugated Philippines finally came to pass. Unfortunately, for the Spanish, it didn’t happen under their watch. It took the invention of the Colt .45 for this to happen.


The Drawback

Now, the big drawback to the original Colt .45 is that it had a very, very nasty recoil. You have to understand that it was designed to stop people at maximum effect. In other words, one shot should be enough to blast a hole into somebody’s torso. It’s kind of like a cross between a pistol and a shotgun.

Accuracy Issue

Well, the drawback to that is that your hand is going to recoil in a very violent way because of the massive force ejected from the barrel of the gun. This, of course, led to accuracy issues. Sure, a Colt .45 can stop an enemy, but you better shoot him when he is in very close range.

On Chance

The problem with that, of course, is when somebody is charging at a very high speed and swinging around a very sharp machete, you basically only have one shot to get it right. You only have one chance to take him out, and this still left a lot to be desired. Your enemy can still knock you out. At the very least, you can lose an arm or you can get wounded very badly.

Systematic Engineering

Unfortunately, the recoil of the Colt .45 was so strong that it became very inaccurate unless the person is very, very close to you. This is where the 1911 version came in. Using certain systematic engineering changes, this Colt .45 enabled servicemen to knock out targets at midrange. You don’t have to wait until you can see the white of your opponent’s eyes before you pull the trigger. You can pull the trigger within a fairly comfortable range to knock out the enemy before they even have a chance to rush you.

At no surprise

Not surprisingly, after the invention of the 1911 version of the Colt .45, many officers were able to knock out their enemies fairly efficiently.

We raise these facts and many others on this website. We celebrate the model 1911 version of the Colt .45 because it truly is the first practical version of this amazing weapon. Just like the AK-47, the Colt.45 has a lot of fans all over the world.

However, its evolution frame Moro-stopping weapon to an actual practical weapon only happened with the launch of the model 1911 version of this pistol. So, if you are looking for a community of equally enthusiastic Colt .45 fans, this is the place.