This website, as you can tell, has a lot of personal insights from collectors and users of Colt .45 weapons from all over the world.

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In particular, we’re focused on the 1911 version of this pistol. It really is the earliest version of the Colt .45 that we can say is completely practical.

If you ever used an earlier version of the Colt .45, you know that it’s very impractical because it’s like holding a cannon with your hands. How accurate can you be?

Also, you have to deal with the very violent recoil of that weapon. If you have an unsteady grip or if you have weak bones in your wrist, you might actually get injured using the earlier version of the Colt .45.

Well, a lot of those drawbacks and problems got dealt with by the 1911 version of this weapon. It really is quite elegant. It is well-made and, boy, does it do the job.

You can tell from the discussions on the forums on this website that we attract quite a large number of Colt .45 fans. These are people from all four corners of the world who can’t stop talking about this amazing weapon. People relate their stories regarding shooting animals. Some even talk about shooting intruders or home invaders. It really is quite a diverse community. We welcome you to join to join us and let your voice be heard.

Now, in addition to sharing your particular personal stories as well some impressions of the Colt .45 1911 version, we’d also like you to chip in in terms of time and attention. We really need it. Why? This website was originally put together from the notes of the many fans that got together in in deciding to put it up.

As you probably already know if you’ve ever participated in any kind of group assignment in high school or college, there’s always going to be room for improvement. In many cases, there may be rough notes. There may be parts that were promised but were not delivered. There may be news or information that needs updating.

Whatever the case may be there is always room for improvement. This is where you come in. If you notice that there are certain parts that are weak, do let us know. Now, this doesn’t mean that we will automatically get to the bottom of it. After all, we only have eight hours in a day. We also have families and careers to take care of.

With that said, if you notice that the same issue keeps getting raised over and over again, you can bet that it will be at the top of our agenda. We know that when people complain about the same issue over and over again, that issue is of highest priority. That issue needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. After all, where there is smoke, there is fire.

It is also true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So, if people keep complaining over the same issue over and over again, or if they complain about in a very loud and very noticeable way, we will sit up and pay attention.

While we cannot really guarantee that whatever issues or feedback you supply will be acted upon as soon as possible, you have our assurance that we will get to it. Like I said, we do have a priority list. At the top of our priority are issues that keep getting reported.

Still, if you have noticed a fairly obscure issue, keep in mind that we will get to it. It’s only a matter of time.