How to Spot the Right Pistol for Your Collection

I only started collecting guns fairly recently.

Being a gun FAN

I’ve always been a big gun fan. I go to firing ranges and I love trying out new pistols and assault rifles. With that said, collecting guns is a completely different kind of activity.

You see, when you’re using rifles and pistols, your focus is on operation. Your focus is on whether the specific weapon system you’re using cools down enough, is accurate enough and has enough fire power. In other words, the range of concerns and features that you are most obsessed with has very little to do with the kind of features that people use to collect guns.

If you want to become a serious gun collector, you have to align the two. You have to get a clear idea of what collectors are looking for.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to pistols as well as certain types of rifles, the concern has more to do with design, cosmetics and lore. Make no mistake about it certain manufacturers have a lot more lore behind them because they have a big brand to protect. Maybe they come from a long line of weapons makers.

For example, did you know that the Beretta gunsmiths actually got their start creating bow and arrow weapons? Now, that is history. The Beretta family, of course, comes from Italy and they started with bows before they discovered guns. That’s how old-school they are.

As you can well imagine, old Beretta guns tend to appreciate well. It has a stronger fan base. While Colt is not a laggard in any way, you have to admit Beretta has it beat in terms of lore.

I’m raising these examples because I want you to get an overview of the kind of considerations that are in play when you are looking to buy guns for your private collection as opposed to buying guns for use.

When you’re buying a gun because you’re trying to protect your family, you’re looking for stopping power. You’re looking for how easy it is to recharge. You’re also looking for how easy it is to maintain. You pay attention to how light it is. You pay attention to how portable it is. Oftentimes, you would want to disassemble it and then reassemble it again. These are the practical considerations people look into when they are looking to use weapons instead of collecting them.

You have to have the right mindset when collecting pistols; otherwise, you might end up buying guns the usual way and end up with very little money when it comes time to sell. So, the general rule here is when buying stuff for collection purposes or for investment purposes, think like a collector. That’s right. Think like an investor.

However, if you are looking to simply use a weapon, think like the way you normally would. Pay attention to your normal preferences. Keep the two separate; otherwise you would run into problems when it comes time to sell.